Open Hours

Opening Hours from June – September 2019

26kms from Geraldton along Chapman Valley Road at 100 East Terrace, Nanson.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday afternoons
    1.00pm and 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 9am – 3pm
    Saturday 9.00am and 12 noon
  • Tea & Coffee available with entry fee

CLOSED December – March Inclusive


Disabled Access & Public Toilets

The Chapman Valley Museum provides easy access to its facilities for disabled people.

We have ladies & gents disable friendly toilets in the museum precinct.

A wheelchair pathway provides visitors easy access to the facilities within the grounds of the museum.

Nearby Accommodation

There are caravan and camping facilities at:

Check the Shire of Chapman Valley website for contact information by clicking HERE.

Caravan Friendly Parking

Ample parking is provided on East Terrace and is motor home and caravan friendly.


Weather Averages

Jan:  High Temp: 32°C – Low Temp: 18°C
Feb: High Temp: 33°C – Low Temp: 20°C
Mar: High Temp: 32°C – Low Temp 17°C
Apr: High Temp: 28°C – Low Temp 14°C
May: High Temp 25°C – Low Temp 12°C
Jun:  High Temp: 22°C – Low Temp: 10°C
Jul:   High Temp: 20°C – Low Temp: 8°C
Aug: High Temp: 22°C – Low Temp: 8°C
Sep: High Temp: 23°C – Low Temp: 8°C
Oct: High Temp: 26°C – Low Temp: 11°C
Nov: High Temp: 28°C – Low Temp: 14°C
Dec: High Temp: 30°C – Low Temp: 14°C