Chapman Valley History

WWI Upper Chapman Fallen Soldiers

P - W

Francis William Pascoe

Pascoe, Francis William

Service No:  2758 Private
Unit: 51st Battalion, AIF (formerly with 28th Battalion, 6th Reinforcements)

Frederick James Pascoe

Pascoe, Frederick James

Service No:  2426 Sergeant
Unit: 28th Battalion, 5th Reinforcements, AIF

Louis Penn

Penn, Louis

Service No:  6132 Private
Unit: 22nd Battalion, 17th Reinforcements, AIF

Charles Rawlings

Rawlings, Charles

Service No:  2922 Lance Corporal
Unit: 24th Machine Gun Company, AIF (formerly with 16th Battalion, 9th Reinforcements, AIF

Charles Archibald Robinson

Robinson, Charles Archibald

Service No:  333 Trooper
Unit: 10th Light Horse, B Squadron, AIF

Ernest Francis Ronan

Ronan, Ernest Francis

Service No:  1991 Private
Unit: 51st Battalion, 3rd Reinforcements, AIF


Salter, Alexander

Service No:  762 Private
Unit: 28th Battalion, D Company, 7th Brigade, AIF

Thomas Salter

Salter, Thomas

Service No:  5919 Private
Unit: 27th Battalion, 16th Reinforcements AIF

William Ernest Sharpe

Sharpe, William Ernest

Service No:  1640 Corporal
Unit: 11th Battalion, 3rd Reinforcements, AIF

Ernest David Speedy

Speedy, Ernest David

Service No:  5783 Private
Unit: 28th Battalion, AIF (formerly with 11th Battalion, 18th Reinforcements)

Robert Stokes

Stokes, Robert Watson

Service No:  1374 Corporal
Unit: 32nd Battalion, D Company, AIF

Arthur Brockman Sutton

Sutton, Arthur Brookman

Service No:  5428 Private
Unit: 16th Battalion, 17th Reinforcements, AIF

George Oscar Harden Wamsley

Wamsley, George Oscar Harden

Service No:  2043 Corporal
Unit: 44th Battalion, 3rd Reinforcements, AIF 

Frederick William West

West, Frederick William

Service No:  5795 Lance Corporal
Unit: 11th Battalion,18th Reinforcements, AIF

Karl Wikstrom

Wikstrom, Karl

Service No:  4624 Private
Unit: 51st Battalion, AIF, (formerly with 11th Battalion, 14th Reinforcements)

Enoch Worthington

Worthington, Enoch

Service No:  3514 Lance Corporal
Unit: 11th Battalion, 11th Reinforcements, AIF

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