Chapman Valley History

Chapman Valley History

The Chapman Valley Historical Society Heritage Centre
focuses on the lives of early settlers


The Chapman Valley History website is a dedication to our hardworking pioneers of the agricultural district first known as the Upper Chapman and more recently, Chapman Valley. 

This video is an interview of Past President Barbara Sheilds OAM, of the Chapman Valley Historical Society from 2002-2016.

snippets of our history ...

See Our History link above for more insights in the history of Chapman Valley formerly the Upper Chapman

yetna plane crash

During World War 2 many people were able to recognise types of aircraft, not only by sight but by their distinctive sounds so at around 6.00am on 15th March, 1943 the Murphy family of Red Hill, Yetna were alerted to the sound of a Beaufort Bomber flying really low and labouring, then an almighty explosion…
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yetna brick Kiln

When Narra Tarra estate was sub-divided the Eastough family took up a smaller holding calling it ‘Glendoone’. A brick kiln stood on the North West bank of the Chapman River, north of the homestead…

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chapman research station

The Chapman Research Station was established by the Department of Agriculture in 1902 as a demonstration farm to train recently settled local farmers. Research was carried out for the higher rainfall and fertile soil areas of the State such as Chapman Valley and Northampton…
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Love the way everything is displayed. Easy to look at and no clutter. Great place.
Rob & Patricia…Kardinya WA

Amazing displays, enormous amount of research into history of families etc. Need hours to look around. Well done.
Denmark WA

One of the best country museums in WA. Exhibits are carefully labelled. 10/10.
Shirley & Ron…Perth WA

The best museum of its kind and a lovely tribute to fallen soldiers. Family grew up in East Chapman
Bill & Pat…Perth WA