Chapman Valley History

Upper Chapman Road Board District Registrations

As published in the Geraldton Guardian
Saturday 8th October 1927

The first Vehicle Registration Plates or Number Plates (on carts, motor vehicles and cycles) were issued by the Upper Chapman Road Board and bore the prefix CU. The obvious UC. was unavailable.
With the name change to Chapman Valley Road Board in 1958, it was fitting for the plates to change to CV.
Note: The dot between the letters and numbers indicated it was a Road Board or a Shire.
The photographs shown are not necessarily of those vehicles from 1927. 

CU-118 Chrysler
CU-103 Weston Family

CU.1 — Upper Chapman Road Board, Ruggles Truck.
CU.2 — O. D. L’Huillier, Nash.
CU.3 — H. L. Forrester, Buick.
CU.4 — J. B. V. Thompson, Maxwell.
CU.5 — Walter Gould, Dodge.
CU.6 — M. G. Forrester, Dodge.
CU.7 — W. F. Jupp, Graham Bros. Truck
CU.8 — D. K. Hebiton, Chev. Truck.
CU.9 — Ben Murphy, Overland.
CU.10 — J. Winder, Overland.
CU.11 — J. Jeffrey, Ford Truck.
CU.12 — G. Rymin, Ford Truck.
CU.13 — M. McGuinnes, Gray.
CU.14 — S. E. Dutton, Overland Truck.
CU.15 — R. J. Forrester, Jewett.
CU.16 — J. Edwards, Studebaker.
CU.17 — N. Henderson, Chevrolet.
CU.18 — J. C. Stokes, Studebaker.
CU.19 — A. W. Banks, Ford Truck.
CU.2O — E. Sims, Ford.
CU.21 — J. Cooper, Dodge.
CU.22 — P. Bohan, Graham Truck.
CU.23 — S. Criddle, Ford Truck.
CU.24— W. B. Criddle, Ford Truck.
CU.25 — Mazzuchelli, Ford
CU.26 — A. J. Braidwood, Ford
CU.29 — W. J. Bridson, Hupmobile.
CU.30 — A. Jupp, Buick.
CU.31 — S. E. Gould, Dodge.
CU.32 — J. Murphy, Dodge.
CU.33 — F. Green, Oakland.
CU.34 — G. Kerr, Chev. Truck.
CU.35 — S. Penn, Overland.
CU.36 — J. Meeres, Ford.
CU.38 — G. Penn, Dodge.
CU.39 — B. Oliver, Chev. Truck.
CU.40 — H. Jenkins, Chevrolet.
CU.41 — W. Bray, Maxwell.
CU.42 — W. F. Jupp, Maxwell.
CU.44 — G. Norris, Junr. Ford.
CU.46 — J. S. Mills, International Truck
CU.48 — A. Gould, Chev. Truck.
CU.49 — A. E. Eatherton, Overland Crossley Truck.
CU.50 — Forrester Bros, Republic Truck.
CU.51 — C. Smith, Ford.
CU.52 — R. Criddle, Chevrolet.
CU.53 — D. Ryan, Dodge.
CU.54 — J. J. Maiden, Ford.
CU.55 — Eastough Bros. Ford.
CU-56 — J. H. Adams and Sons, International Truck.
CU.57 — A. Hayward, Chevrolet.
CU.58 — M. Heenan, Overland.
CU.59 — G. L. Jupp, Overland.
CU.60 — H. E. Carey, Buick
CU.61 — Barndon Bros, Dodge.
CU.62 — Criddle Bros., Ford.
CU.64 — C. W. Brooks, Chev. Truck.

CU.65 — Ascione and Wheeldon, Dodge 
CU.66 — D. Saunders, Reo Truck.
CU.67 — A. Criddle, Chevrolet.
CU.68 — A. J. Urch, Dodge.
CU.69 — E. Whitehurst, Buick.
CU.71 — A-McKenzie, Ford.
CU.72 — W. Taylor, Studebaker.
CU.73 — E. H. Brede, Chev. Truck.
CU.74 — F. Foat, Dodge.
CU.75 — S. Sims, Graham Truck.
CU.76 — A. Gould, Dodge.
CU.77 — Taylor Bros, Chev. Truck.
CU.78 — Barndon Bros. Graham Truck.
CU.79 — M. S. Cooper, Ford Truck.
CU.80 — T. O Rumble, Ford.
CU.81 — Morrell Bros., Buick.
CU.83 — A. W. Cannon, Chevrolet.
CU.85 — E, M- Gould, Hupmobile.
CU.86 — J. Bonan, Oakland.
CU.87 — L. J. Lipple, Bean Truck.
CU.88 — J. Cooper, Ford.
CU.89 — H. Mellersh, Ford Truck.
CU.90 — W. S. Roskams, Rugby.
CU.91 — Box and Darling, Overland.
CU.92 — J. Murphy, Overland.
CU.93 — J. Pascoe, Studebaker,
CU.94 — J. Burgess, Essex.
CU.95 — D. A. Gray, Studebaker.
CU.96— T. Simpson, Ford.
CU.97 — D. Saunders, Essex.
CU.98 — F. O’Neil, Chev. Truck
CU.99 — R. Wilton, Ford Truck.
CU.100 — J. B. Barndon, Gray.
CU.101 — M. Mazzuchelli, Buick
CU.102 — J. Shields, Reo Truck.
CU.103 — Preedy, Chev. Truck.
CU.104 — A. H. Kru, Oakland 6.
CU.105 — S. Crabbe, Studebaker.
CU.106 — T. Osborne, Chev. Truck.
CU.107 — E. M Gould, Graham Truck.
CU.108 — E. Shields, Graham Truck.
CU.109 — M. Callaghan, Ford Truck.
CU.110 — J. Eristough, Ford (Con) Truck
CU.111 — Forrester Bros. Buick.
CU.112 — F. J. Shields, Ford.
CU.113 — Scully Bros. — Overland-Cross.
CU.114 — W. Williams, Ford Truck.
CU.115 — A. Weston, Ford Truck.
CU.116 — B. Donald, Dodge.
CU.117 — W. O. Jupp, Ford Truck.
CU.119 — W. S. Roskams, Chev. Truck.
CU.120 — J. Ascione, Dodge.
CU.121 — Mellersh and Son, Fed. Truck.
CU.122 — C. Rasool, Chev. Truck.
CU.124 — G. Rumble, Ford.
CU.125 — H. Barham, Ford.
CU.126 — G. J. Williamson, Ford Truck.
CU.127 — B. Wilton, Overland.
CU.128 — C. Giltrow, Ford.

CU.129 — Hackett Bros., Ford.
CU.130 — E. M. Gray, Chev. Truck.
CU.131 — C. Bennett, Chev. Truck.
CU.132 — R. McClintock, Dodge.
CU.133 — C. Smith, Overland-Crossley.
CU.134 — R. Pearson, Studebaker
CU.135 — A. L. Jupp, Bean Truck.
CU.136 — C E. F. Kupsch, Rugby.
CU.137 — A. J. Jupp, Ajax.
CU.138 — A. Davey, Oldsmobile.
CU.139 — D. Ahern. Chev. Truck.
CU.140 — Warr Bros., Chev. Truck.
CU.141 — Criddle Bros., Ford Truck.
CU.142 — F. Foat, Chev. Truck.
CU.143 — M. McDonnell, Oldsmobile.
CU.144 — J. McCormick, Fiat.
CU.145 — J. S. Cream, Dodge.
CU.146 — W. Tetlow, Chev. Truck.
CU.147 — S. H. Jupp, Overland
CU.148 — H. Burton, Ford.
CU.149 — A.J. Edwards, Chev Truck.
CU.151 — Mrs. A. Weston, Ford.
CU.152 — W. A. Loveland, Ford Truck.
CU.153 — W. J. R. Farrell, Overland Truck.
CU.155 — G. Baker, Chev. Truck.
CU.156 — A. J. Wright, Buggies Truck.
CU.157 — W. A. I. Binks, Chev. Truck.
CU.158 — W. L. Gray, Studebaker.
CU.159 — G. Cox, Ford.
CU.160 — J. Eastough, Ford.
CU.161 — Heelan Bros., Chev. Truck.
CU.162 — M. Angel, Chev. Truck.
CU.163 — E. Bignell, Chev. Truck.
CU.164 — A. Farrell, Studebaker.
CU.165 — C. B. Pearson, Chev. Truck.
CU.166 — A. Lauder, Chev. Truck.
CU.167 — A. Hall, Chev. Truck.
CU.168 — McClintock and Barclay, Chev. Truck.
CU.169 — Barham and Webb Chev. Truck.
CU.170 — W. A. Jupp, Essex.
CU.172 — T. Hackett, Ford Truck.
CU.173 — J. Sinclair, Columbia.
CU.174 — S. W. Scully, Chevrolet.
CU.175 — B. Thomson, Ford.
CU.176 — J. M. Cullerton, Essex.
CU.177 — D. Cahill, Buick.
CU.178 — G. Kerr, Studebaker.
CU.179 — G. Connolly, Ford.
CU.180 — M. Angel, Studebaker.
CU.181 — W. F. McNaught, Chevrolet.
CU.182 — A. Criddle, Buick.
CU.183 — M. Callaghan, Studebaker.
CU.184 — G. Thomas, Chrysler.
CU.185 — B. Donald, Ford Truck.
CU.186 — G. F. Barndon, Rugby.
CU.187 — M. G. Forrester, Chev. Truck.
CU.188 — J. P. Corboy, Ford.

CU-54 Ruggles Truck